Soccer Ball and Volleyball

Back in 2008 a group of dedicated Footy players were looking for a good midweek league and decided to play their own pickup at Ben Franklin dome over the summer and into the fall. The first league was created shortly thereafter and before long the demand spiralled. Fast forward three years and those few initial players have grown into the largest COED soccer league in Eastern Ontario. For those that haven't seen the league we encourage you to go poke around Ottawa Footy Sevens. 

For quite some time we've had several requests to take our leagues indoors on the volleyball court. We decided not to begin offering volleyball until we had secured a top-class venue and a timeslot that met the same standards that we demand for our soccer leagues. We also sought the input of both recreational and experienced players to ensure that we would be offering a league that met the expectations of our teams and players

As a result, for the fall of 2011 we are proud to present our initial entry into Volleyball with what we believe will be one of the best places to play volleyball in Ottawa.


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