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Welcome to Ottawa Volley Sixes. Below you'll find our full list of indoor volleyball leagues as well as our highly reviewed ball hockey leagues. Our mixed and coed leagues are all open for team or individual registration and new league seasons start in spring/summer, fall and winter. Check back soon for more leagues being added as we continue to grow!

Why join an Ottawa Volley Sixes league?

Whether it's our indoor volleyball leagues, our indoor ball hockey leagues, our outdoor beach volleyball leagues or our summer and winter soccer leagues, we start with a simple philosophy of organising leagues we'd want to play in ourselves. All our games are refereed with coordinators on-site. We look for the best facilities Ottawa has to offer: high-ceiling double gymnasiums at Ottawa universities and high schools. And our admin team is the best around, available every day to answer questions, take registrations, schedule games, update your scores and take care of everything needed to make your league experience as fun and hassle-free as possible.
Day Of WeekDetailsGamesGame LengthTeamIndividual
3 Jan
Co-Ed, 6 v 6, Indoor, Evening
St. Pats HS, Immaculata HS, Carleton U
1275 $ 975 + TAX

$ 135 + TAX

12 Jan
Co-Ed, 6 v 6, Indoor, Evening
Redeemer Christian High School
1260 $ 850 + TAX

$ 135 + TAX

13 Jan
Co-Ed, 6 v 6, Indoor, Evening
Carleton University
1260 $ 900 + TAX

$ 140 + TAX

A Little More About Us...

First came Volley

Like Footy, but a few years later, we founded Ottawa Volley Sixes to bring to Ottawa what we aim which is to provide the best volleyball experience we can. What does a good volley experience mean to us?

  • Great locations - consistently! Ideally double gymnasiums but always in the same location. (The thought of gym roulette frustrated us)
  • Referees - while the real complaint was score keeping, we've found having an on site referee not only keeps things fair but also can point out little tips to the players. Above all they make sure the games are timely and can help deal with the occasional snow storm in Ottawa
  • Match balls, scoreboards, net height - to us it's the small things. Ever get halfway through a game and not know the score? How about that droopy net nobody takes care of?

While we're not perfect, we will always try and bring you the best quality, best experience possible. Whether it's indoor gymnasiums in the winter in central locations such as Ashbury, Carleton University, Alta Vista's Montessori School or more community based locations in Gloucester's Louis Riel Dome or Nepean's Christian Redeemer High School.

Then came Floor Hockey

In our never ending hunt for gymnasiums we were presented with some excellent locations that didn't meet our volleyball standards but would accomodate a wonderful floor hockey league. How so? A beautiful gym like Carleton's Raven's Nest is simply too large for a good game of ball hockey. The dividers that are great for volleyball don't make sense for floor hockey. So what do we offer Ottawa's floor hockey fans?

  • Great locations - suited for ball hockey
  • Referees - unrefereed games do have slashing. We don't like it and you shouldn't have to put up with it.
  • The small things - sign up as an individual to find out nobody brought keeper pads? Or how about learning who your team is when everyone has a different color shirt is? We do a little better and provide shirts and will help find keepers when we can.

We hope we've convinced you.

Please register your interest to sign up a new team or as an individual and receive information about upcoming leagues. You can also click here for more information about our leagues.

Email admin@ottawavolleysixes.com

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