Rules and Policies (Basketball)



  • A ‘jump ball’ at center court will determine which team starts the game with possession. Each team will decide which player will participate in the jump ball. The players jumping cannot be the first to have possession – another player on the court must gain first possession. Possession then switches at the start of the second half.
  • The ball will be provided by Ottawa Basketball Court and Turf. A scorekeeper and a referee will also be present taking charge of each game.
  • Each game consists of two 24 minute halves with a 3 minute half time. No overtime in regular season games; a 3 minute overtime is played in the playoffs if there is a tie at the end of regulation. 
  • Each team is awarded one timeout per 24 minute half.
  • There is no stoppage of the clock unless a timeout is called or the game is within 10 points in the last 2 minutes of the second half. In this case, the clock will be stopped for every dead ball or free throw.  


  • A full team on the court consists of 5 players with a minimum of two female and/or two male players.
  • Teams must have a minimum of 4 players consisting of two females and two males to play a game otherwise the game will be forfeited.
  • All players must be added to the team roster by the team captain. This process confirms that all players have electronically agreed (checked the box) to our policies and online waiver.
  • Substitute players are allowed, however they must be added to the roster (check the online waiver). If you are playing in a league where there are other teams playing before you, your team may borrow players.
  • In the spirit of sportsmanship, captains are expected to replace players with a person of similar skill level. Bringing in “ringers” for regular season and particularly playoff games is discouraged. 
  • When registering a full team, there is no maximum number of players that you can have on the roster – every player that plays must be registered on the roster. 
  • Individual team rosters will be emailed out 48 hours prior to the first scheduled game. 


  •  We ask that all teams do their best to be at their designated court 10 minutes before their scheduled match time in order to avoid delays. 
  •  If after 15 minutes teams do not meet the player requirements they will forfeit the entire match.
  •  Defaults are recorded as 3-0 against the team that defaults.


  •  Teams will be awarded 2 points for baskets scored inside the three point line, 3 points for baskets scored outside the three point line, and 1 point for each free throw scored.
  • Fouls will be assessed at the official’s discretion; shooting fouls will result in free throws (2 free throws if committed inside three point line, 3 free throws if committed outside three point line), non-shooting fouls will result in a side out of bounds. 
  • After 5 team fouls have been assessed, bonus free throws will be awarded (free throws on both shooting & non-shooting fouls).
  • A maximum of 6 personal fouls will be assessed before a player is ejected.
  • Technical fouls will result in a personal foul assessed to said player and 2 free throws plus possession for the opposing team.
  • If a call is to be disputed, ONLY the team captain may discuss the call with the official.
  • Players are not allowed to spend 3 or more seconds in the key.
  • Teams have a maximum of 8 seconds to advance the ball across center court. Once the ball has been advanced over the center court line, a backcourt violation will be assessed if the offensive team moves the ball back over center court. 
  • If a player takes more than two steps without dribbling the ball, a traveling violation will be called. If a player begins dribbling multiple times in one possession after having held the ball between dribbles, a double dribble violation will be called. 
  • If the ball is touched while it is above the rim or during the downward flight of a shot, a goaltending violation will be called and points will be assessed to the offensive team or possession will be awarded to the defensive team.
  • A jump ball will determine which team gains possession after a held ball (players from opposing teams simultaneously holding possession). 


  • The criteria for tie-breaking is as follows: Head to head results, points scored, points conceded, point differential, percentage of games won.


  •  Scores are collected and entered by the the co-ordinators. In most circumstances all scores will be reported by the end of the following business day
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