Rules and Policies (Flag Football)



  • Teams will compete on Offence and Defence with the goal of scoring points. The team with the most points through 50 minutes of play wins the game.  Games will begin 5 minutes past the hour (or scheduled game time) with a 5 minute halftime.
  • The league will be refereed with scorekeeping, timekeeping, penalties and misconducts called solely by the official in charge of the game.


  • Each team is allowed 7 players on the field.
  • Teams must field at least 5 players in order for the game to begin. 
  • Open Gender Leagues - There is no gender requirement in leagues listed as 'Open'. Men and women are welcome to play with no on field gender ratio requirements.


  •  We ask that all teams do their best to be at their designated field 10 minutes before their scheduled match time in order to avoid delays. 
  •  If after 15 minutes teams do not meet the player requirements they will forfeit the game.
  •  Defaults are recorded as 18-0 against the team that defaults.


  • A ball carrier is stopped when he loses his flag. A flag that falls off without contact ends the play. 
  • There are no fumbles of any kind. Any incomplete pass, dropped ball, or loss of control that results in the ball hitting the ground ends the play. Dropped balls (fumbles in the traditional sense) do not result in the loss of team possession, unless it occurs on the fourth down or end of the half. 
  • Onside/Offside - The offense must be behind their line of scrimmage. The defense must be 1 yards behind their line of scrimmage. Any rushing players must be 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage.
  • The team with the ball has 30 seconds to huddle, call a play and snap the ball.
  • The offensive team has 4 attempts or downs to advance the ball 20 yards. Each offensive zone is 20 yards. Referee will mark the initial yardage. Line of scrimmage marker will be moved by the referee.
  • On the fourth attempt and inside their defensive end, the offensive team has the option to punt. If the ball is punted through the endzone of receiving team, the receiving team will start with the ball on their own 20 yard line
  • When punting the ball, the kicking team cannot be inside a 5 yard radius of the player receiving the ball until he touches the ball.
  • Teammates may use as many lateral passes as they wish
  • No diving/jumping forward when you have the ball (whistle blows, ball placed at the beginning of the dive)
  • One '30 second Timeout' per game, per team.
  • Scoring is as follows: Touchdown = 6 points / PAT = 1 point / 10-yard conversion = 2 points



  • Each half will begin with a kickoff. Every change of possession resulting from a scoring play will begin with a kickoff by the scoring team.
  • Must kick from your own goal line 
  • Must kick the football from a tee or with someone pinning it to the ground.
  • All players on the kicking team must be behind the goal line when the ball is kicked.
  • No onside kicks. If kicking team recovers, it is a dead ball at the spot of the recovery.
  • If the kick goes out of bounds the field the receiving team will take possession of the ball where it went out + 10 yards.
  • If the kick goes straight through the end zone (touchback), you must take it from your own 10 yard line.
  • If the ball is dropped by the returner, it is a dead ball - it is not a loss of possession.



  • Touchdown = 6 points / 5-yard conversion = 1 point / 10-yard conversion = 2 point
  • Teams must declare if they are punting or kicking. There are no "fake" field goals or "fake" punt plays allowed.
  • 1 player must snap the ball between his legs to the quarterback.
  • If the snap is dropped in the end zone, or flies through the back of the end zone, it is a SAFETY- 2 points awarded to the defense, offense kicks-off.
  • If a player is down in the end zone, it is a SAFETY- 2 points awarded to the defense, offense kicks-off.
  • No player can pass the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped
  • A player cannot reach forward, jump up, or dive with the football in order to gain extra yards. A player can spin.
  • Blocking an opposing player is NOT allowed and considered illegal contact.
  • All players are eligible to receive a forward pass.
  • Offensive players in possession of the ball cannot actively block their flags.
  • There is only one forward pass permitted within the line of scrimmage.
  • Both Flags must cross the goal line in order for the touchdown to be counted; stretching the ball across the line is not enough.
  • If the ball is dropped at any time it is a DEAD BALL. There are no fumbles.
  • It is not permitted for players to block their flags.


  • Defenders must only go for the flag. Any contact that is deemed non-incidental will result in a penalty. Penalties vary depending on severity and range from 5 to 20 yard penalties and/or ejections from the game.
  • Rusher/Blitzer must line up 5 yards from the line of scrimmage and 1-2 yards to either side of the center – they must also announce that they are rushing the quarterback (ie. "Rusher" with arms in air prior to snap)
  • The rusher(s) must be at least five yards behind their line of scrimmage. The rusher must wait 5 seconds before crossing the line of scrimmage. 5 seconds must be vocalized. 
  • The double rush is permitted.
  • Defensive pass interference results in loss of down and ball is placed at spot of foul.
  • Other than the rusher, all other defensive players can be 1 yard from the line of scrimmage, but cannot cross the line of scrimmage unless there is a handoff.
  • Rushers CANNOT touch the quarterback unless they are going for the flags. Any contact with a quarterback’s arm in throwing motion or head is a personal foul and a minimum 20 yard penalty.
  • Rushers who cross the rush line before the snap must return to the rush line to rush, or they are not permitted to cross the line of scrimmage.
  • Once the ball has been handed off to a running back, the rest of the defense may cross the line of scrimmage in pursuit


  • Teams will be awarded 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss. Tie breakers will begin with head to head result(s), then +/-, then Points For and finally Points Against.  


  •  Scores are collected and entered by the referee or coordinators. In most circumstances all scores will be updated within 48 hours.
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