Rules and Policies (Dodgeball)



  • All teams will receive a 5 minute warmup to begin the game. 
  • Each team will compete 7 players against 7 players.
  • The first team to elimiate all players on the opposing team wins the set. The first team to win 4 of 7 sets wins the game. If the sets are tied with 5 minutes remaining - a 2 v 2 (1 Male and 1 Female) showdown will be played. 
  • Showdown Rules - Each team will choose 2 players (1 Male and 1 Female) to compete in a 5 minute showdown. If the showdown does not have winner at the end of the 5 minutes, the team with the most players on the court is declared the winner. In a showdown, players are allowed to encroach past the centreline as long as one foot remains on their side of the court or on the centreline when the ball is thrown.
  • If both teams have the same amount of players at the end of the 5 minute period, the game will be declared a tie.
  • Games will be 55 minutes in length, not including the 5 minute warmup period.
  • All games will be refereed.


  • Each team must have at least 2 Men and 2 Women on the court at all times.
  • Teams must field at least 5 players in order for the game to take place. If this quota is not met, a default win (4-0) will be awarded to the opposing team. 


  •  We ask that all teams do their best to be at their designated court 10 minutes before their scheduled match time in order to avoid delays. 
  •  If after 15 minutes teams do not meet the player requirements they will forfeit the entire match.
  •  Defaults are recorded as 4-0 (Game Win) against the team that defaults.


  • The six balls are lined up evenly on the centre line of the court. 
  • Each team begins with at least one hand touching the back wall. When the referee blows the whistle and starts the game, players rush the centre line to collect the balls for their team.
  • You are out if: 1) if you step on or cross over the centreline; 2) a thrown, live ball hits your body or head (while ducking); 3) you throw a live ball and it is caught by an opponent.
  • If a ball is caught, the player who threw the ball is out and one player from the bench can return.
  • A thrown live ball can hit multiple opponents if it makes contact with the body or head (while ducking) of an opponent and bounces off and hits another opponent without making contact with the floor, wall or other object.
  • Thrown balls that hit the ground, wall or other object (basketball net, roof etc.) are dead. 
  • Thrown balls that hit other balls are live. If a thrown ball bounces off a held ball and hits a teammate, that player is out.
  • Players may block a thrown ball with a held ball. However, if the player holding the ball drops it while blocking, or does not make a clean block (the ball hits the player despite the attempted block), the player is out.
  • When players are out, they return to their bench in and line up in the order they were knocked out. If a teammate catches a ball, the player at the beginning of the line returns to the game.
  • Players can hold a ball for 15 seconds from the time it is picked up in the player's hands. If the time limits elapses, that team losses possession of the ball and it is rolled to the other team.


  • Standings are decided primarily by Games Won. The first tie breaker is Head to Head. The second tie breaker is Sets Won/Lost (+/-). The third tie breaker is Sets Won and the fourth is Sets Lost. If the standings are still tied a coin toss will be used to break the tie.


  •  Scores are collected and entered by the referee and/or co-ordinators. In most circumstances all scores will be reported by the end of the following business day.
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