Rules and Policies (Floor Hockey)



  • Captains are called at the beginning of the game to review basic rules of the game. 
  • Teams will be given a 3 minute warm-up before each game. 
  • Each game consists of three 16-minute periods separated by 1-minute intermissions.


  • A full team on the court consists of 4 players with a minimum of 1 male and 1 female player. (The goalie is not included in this ratio)
  • All players must be added to the team roster by the team captain. This process confirms that all players have electronically agreed (checked the box) to our policies and online waiver. 
  • Substitute players are allowed, however they must be added to the roster prior to the game. If it is a last minute substitute, please inform the game manager so they can record the relevant information and have them complete a waiver.
  • Teams may play with only 3 players, but not with only 2 players. 
  • A team may choose to play with no goaltender and an extra player on the court. This may only be done at the beginning of a period; goaltenders cannot be subbed in and out on the fly during the course of play.
  • In the spirit of sportsmanship, captains are expected to replace players with a person of a similar skill level. Bringing in “ringers” for regular season is discouraged. Players must have played a regular season game and be listed on the roster prior to the last game of the regular season to be eligible for a playoff game.
  • Teams may choose to substitute their goalie for a player. The goalie must be in the team bench area before the additional player can enter the court.


  •  We ask that all teams do their best to be at their designated court 10 minutes before their scheduled match time in order to avoid delays. 
  •  If after 15 minutes teams do not meet the player requirements they will forfeit the entire match.
  •  Defaults are recorded as 3-0 against the team that defaults.


  • Court & Turf floor hockey games will have a referee. Infringements will be called by the referee and determined as incidental, minor or major infractions. A game supervisor will also be present. 
  • Incidental and Minor infractions will result in a loss of possession. Persistent infringement will result in a 2 minute penalty.
  • Major infractions will result in a 4 minute penalty and potential expulsion from the game.
  • Penalties will be served for the entire duration of the penalty regardless of the amount of goals conceded. 
  • This is a non-contact league. There shall be no slashing, hooking, tripping, crosschecking or high sticking. These infringements are considered major infractions.
  • There shall be no pushing, shoving, checking, roughhousing or unsportsmanlike conduct of any kind. 
  • Sliding to block shots is not allowed. Dropping to one knee is permitted. 
  • Slap shots are allowed but sticks must be kept below the waist.
  • Players can catch or knock the ball down with their hands but they must put it straight down. Closing your hand on the ball is not permitted.
  • Players cannot make a pass to their teammates by directing or throwing the ball with their hands. 
  • Players are allowed to enter and play the ball within the goaltender crease; however once the goaltender has caught or covered the ball play must cease immediately. The goaltender then receives 3 metres grace to resume play from the crease. 
  • An infringment resulting in loss of possession will result in the offending team retreating a stick length from the non-offending team to resume play from the point of the foul. 
  • Subs will be made on the fly from each team’s bench. 
  • After conceding a goal, play will be restarted with a faceoff.
  • After a goal the scoring team must return to their own half and cannot cross the centreline until the ball or an offensive
  • The ball is always live unless it crosses “out of bounds” into the players bench area. If the ball goes out of bounds it is awarded to the team that did not touch it last. The team that touched the ball last will allow 3 metres grace for the team that did not touch it last to resume play from the point where the ball went out of bounds. (may depend on venue/set up) 
  • The opposing team must retreat one stick length from the goalie's crease. The goalie may drop the ball to themself and play an uncontested pass with their stick. The opponent may only encroach once the pass has left the goalie's stick. If the goalie drops the ball to a teammate, the opponent may encroach as soon as the ball hits the floor. 
  • Playing Behing the Nets - Based on our observations, we will be enforcing the rule of players not playing behind the nets. The ball is live until the referee signals that it is dead. If a defensive player (goalies excepted) intentionally freezes the ball behind the net, the play will be blown dead and result in a loss of possession. 
  • Hand pass - Players cannot pass the ball to a teammate using their hands in the offensive zone. If this infraction occurs, play will be blown dead and restarted in the position of the infraction.
  • Timeouts - Teams will be allowed to take one 30 second timeout per game.  


  • If a game is tied at the end of the third period, there will be a single 5 minute period of overtime. This period will be played 3 v 3 plus a goalie, with at least one male and one female player on the court at all times.
  • If the game remains tied, the winner will be decided via the penalty shootout. This will be a sudden death format, with each team receiving at least one opportunity to shoot. The rotation will see shooters of each gender shoot, male - female - male etc. until a winner has been decided. Players may shoot for their team as often as they wish, as long as it maintains the male - female rotation.


  •  Eyewear is highly recommended for all participants. Limited numbers of goggles will be available to borrow for games and must be returned to the game supervisor after each game. 
  • Tape is not allowed on the bottom of the blade of the stick. This is to ensure the floor does not get marked up.
  • Players must wear running shoes and provide their own sticks. Players may wear additional equipment such as helmet, gloves, shinguards (highly recommended), etc. however it is not required. 
  • Goaltenders are required to wear a facemask/full helmet. Goaltender equipment will be available to borrow for games and must be returned to the game supervisor after each game. 
  • Teams must declare a jersey colour. Jerseys are not necessary, however a uniform colour must be worn by all players on a specific team. Pinnies will be available in case of conflicting colours and will be worn by the home team.


  • Listed under the Schedules/Stats section. Tie breakers are as follows 1) Head to head, 2) Goal Difference, 3) Goals For, 4) Goals Against. In the event teams are still tied after all tie breakers have been applied, a coin toss will be used to break the tie. 


  •  Scores are collected and entered by the the co-ordinators.
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