Frequently Asked Questions


I want to sign up as an individual but still play with some of my friends.  Is this possible?

Absolutely, it's one of the most commonly asked questions amongst individual sign-ups.  All you have to do is add a note when you sign up listing the name of the players that you want to be on the same team as, make sure your friends do exactly the same, and we'll do the rest. 


What skill levels does the league cater for and how do I choose the correct one?

Although we are a recreational league, we cater for all types of player from beginner to seasoned veteran. 

When signing up for a league you can choose your skill level, but don't worry so much about getting that right.  As you can imagine, the skill levels can range dramatically from one league to another.  Relying on strict categorisation of teams before we have even seen them play is never going to work.  In almost all of our leagues we divide teams into divisions where they play teams of a similar skill level, we do this by having assessment or grading games in the first week of the leagues and make a split based upon our observations, chatting with the captains, the results of the games and our knowledge of the teams who've been playing with us for a while.  In some of our bigger leagues, we split the league into two phases with promotion and demotions at the transition points.     


If I sign up as an individual will I always be on a team that matches my skill level?

Although we make every effort to group individual players together with others of a similar skill range, we are not always able to do this.  As you can imagine we get players registering for our leagues with vastly different abilities and the number of individual registration slots is limited in the more popular leagues. If you want to play with players of a similar calibre to yourself or want to play in a specific division we strongly suggest that you use our Forum to find a team instead.  We normally assign 8 players to individual court teams and 5 players to individual beach teams. 


The league I wanted to join is sold out, what do I do?

A lot of our popular leagues sell out quickly, but we have set up a Forum so that players who missed out can see if any regular teams are still looking for players (or make a posting of your own).  Give it a try HERE


Can I pay by cheque?

Unfortunately we no longer accept cheques as a payment method. 

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