Thursday Spring Mixed 6s @ All Saints HS (Kanata)

League Schedule

Thursday 20 June 2024
Thursdays Open Division
Individual Team B
Appropriate Touches
PLAYOFF - Cons. Semi-Final - Slimmy Jimmies
That's What She Set!
PLAYOFF - Champ. Semi-Final - Net Results
Individual Team B
Cons. Semi-Final - Calm Yo Tips
How I Set Your Mother
Thursday 27 June 2024
Thursdays Open Division
Consolation Final - Winner of Cons. Semi-FinalTBD
Winner of Cons. Semi-FinalTBD
PLAYOFF - Champ. Semi-Final - Sweet Digs
Appropriate Touches
Wooden Spoon Final - Loser of Cons. Semi-FinalTBD
Loser of Cons. Semi-FinalTBD

Ravens Nest (1)
3rd Place Match - Loser of Champ. Semi-FinalTBD
Loser of Sweet Digs vs. Appropriate TouchesTBD

Ravens Nest (3)
Thursday 4 July 2024
Thursdays Open Division
Championship Final - Winner of Champ. Semi-FinalTBD
Winner of Champ. Semi-FinalTBD
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