Provincial Announcement - League Update
22 December 2020 @ 11:53 AM by Ryan McCann

Hello everyone,

As some of you already know, the government has announced that the province will be entering a 28 day lockdown on Boxing Day. As a result team sports and athletic facilities will be temporarily shut down. We have updated the schedules for the leagues impacted by this.

There is also a chance the lockdown will be reduced to 14 days. If that's the case there should be very minor disruption to the league schedules, but we will have to wait on official word of that being the case.

We just wanted to give everyone a quick update on what this means for the current and upcoming leagues.

There will be no games in the current leagues until at least January 28th.

Volley Sixes would like you to know that you can register for our winter leagues with confidence. If we are required to make drastic changes or forced to cancel any leagues we will issue a full refund. As of right now there should be little to no impact on our upcoming league products.

We will send a full update on the leagues once we have more clarity on the situation. Please do not ask us for specific updates just now, as we don't have any further information at the moment.

Hopefully, this gives you the information that you need just now, and we will be able to answer more of your questions soon.

Have a great Christmas,

Andrew, Chris, Joel and Matt and Ryan

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