Issues with Outlook / Hotmail and other Microsoft email accounts
13 March 2018 @ 8:51 AM by Joel Convery

We had some enquiries recently from users who have outlook / hotmail accounts (and other email addresses falling under the Microsoft umbrella).  

Please read this full message if you think you aren't receiving our emails.

They had been complaining that certain emails (team notices, fixture reminders) weren't reaching their inbox anymore, not even in the junk or spam folder.  We had no bouncebacks on these emails and by all measures at our end they have been delivered successfully.

Microsoft has a number of extra measures in place that filter emails before they reach the user, things we have ZERO control over and it can get a little frustrating trying to track it down.  We have raised a support request, but who knows if anything will come of that.

If you think you are having these issues we suggest you add the domain to the list of safe senders in your mail configuration as this seems to help. 

I was going to send an email out about this, but the irony / paradox that it wouldn't reach those that need to do this was not lost.

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