Important Winter League Information: Registration Open
7 October 2015 @ 10:50 AM by Andrew Park

Hello Volley Sixers & Court and Turf members, 


Now that the fall seasons are in full swing, we've started looking forward to the winter. The 2016 Winter Line-up is nearly identical to the Fall but with two exciting additions - Friday Mens 3v3 Floor Hockey and Wednesday Co-Ed Dodgeball. 

Team and individual spaces will be available in all leagues, but please remember spaces sell quickly on our more popular nights. Winter Registration opens Wednesday, October 7th for both team and individual sign ups. As always, your team space can be secured with a 150.00 deposit. Payment for individual spaces vary by league and are due in full upon registration.


Floor Hockey (Ottawa Turf and Court)

Thursday Co-Ed Evenings @ Montessori School - January 14th - 695+HST - 12 Weeks - A great first season is under way and we're already looking forward to the next one! Ottawa Montessori School's single gymnasium is perfectly suited for the sport and we look forward to getting sticks on back the ground. A major announcement regarding the league - the Winter season will see the introduction of referees to every game. Free parking included.

**NEW** Friday Mens 3v3 Floor Hockey @ Montessori School - January 15th - 695+HST - 12 Weeks - Building on a great first season of floor hockey our Winter lineup sees the addition of the Friday Mens 3v3 League at Ottawa Montessori School's excellent single gymnasium. This league will be refereed and once again, goalie equipment will be available for those teams who need it. Free parking included.



**NEW** Wednesday Co-Ed Dodgeball @ Montessori School - January 20th - 585+HST - 12 Weeks - Our first ever Co-Ed Dodgeball League will take place Wednesday Evenings at the Ottawa Montessori School. An excellent high ceiling, single gym facility. This league is classified as Open and every skill level is welcome. This league will have a referee / coordinator on-site to help maintain the level of play. Free parking included.

For information on our sweet Court and Turf Winter League Promotion click here.



So everyone knows what to expect, the Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday leagues will be broken into skill based divisions and are a great choice for all Recreational, Intermediate and Advanced teams and players. The smaller Monday and Tuesday leagues at Montessori School are classified as Open, single division leagues and better suited to Recreational and Intermediate level teams. All volleyball leagues are fully refereed and include equipment set-up by our staff. Please include any additional placement requests or skill level information in the 'registration notes' section. 


Monday Mixed Evenings @ Montessori School - January 11th - 695+HST - 12 Weeks 

An excellent high ceiling, single gym facility. This league is classified as Open and better suited for Intermediate and Recreational teams. Free parking included.

Tuesday Mixed Evenings @ Montessori School - January 12th - 695+HST - 12 Weeks

An excellent high ceiling, single gym facility. This league is classified as Open and better suited for Intermediate and Recreational teams. Free parking included.

Wednesday Mixed Evenings @ Christian Redeemer H.S. - January 13th - 695+HST - 12 Weeks

A single venue league, all games will be played exclusively at the Redeemer H.S. double gymnasium, fully equipped with high ceilings and wooden floor surface. Free parking included.

Thursday Mixed Evenings @ Carleton University - January 21st - 795+HST - 12 Weeks

The backbone of our Fall lineup, Thursdays at Carleton are extremely and sell out quickly! Free parking located a short walk from the gym at Brewer Park.

Sunday Mixed Evenings @ Ashbury College - January 17th - 750+HST - 12 Weeks

We return once again to the excellent Ashbury College Facility. The double gymnasium is fully equipped with high ceilings, wooden floor surface and the perfect option for teams and players of all skill levels. Free parking included.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Matt, Andrew P. & Andrew C.

- Your Court & Turf / Volley Sixes Team


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