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Thursday 11 October 2018

TimeHome TeamShirtsAway TeamLocation
6:00pmIHOP v Bumpin' UgliesNorm Fenn (1)
6:00pmThe Ballers v ScramblersNorm Fenn (2)
7:00pmAll Sets Are Off v BegoniasNorm Fenn (1)
7:00pmSpikings v Kean SeatingsNorm Fenn (2)
8:00pmSMASH v Feed The Birds Norm Fenn (1)
8:00pmCH 4 News v Mikasa Es Su CasaNorm Fenn (2)
9:00pmMine Mine Yours v The Empire Spikes Back Norm Fenn (1)
9:00pmThe Crux v "Dil and Doug" (To be Named)Norm Fenn (2)
9:30pmUpper Deckers v That's What She SetRavens Nest (3)
10:00pmTeam G v Smack that aceNorm Fenn (1)
10:00pmNOTORIOUS D.I.G. v Net ResultsNorm Fenn (2)
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