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The league Wednesday Co-Ed Ultimate 4s @ SPPC (Spring/Summer 2016) is no longer available. We suggest the following league instead.

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Wednesday Winter Floor Hockey @ Montessori (Winter 2019)

5 v 5

Our Floor Hockey league will be continuing on Wednesday evenings at Ottawa Montessori School, our home for floor hockey. The single gym is perfect for our style of floor hockey and we look forward to another great season! Free parking is included.

Please note:

  • League will have a referee. All games are refereed.
  • League will operate with a gender ratio of 3:1
  • Players are expected to provide their own sticks. Wood, carbon, plastic, etc - sticks are acceptable.  Stick can not have tape at the base of the blade. Plastic floor hockey blades are encouraged.
  • Goalie equipment (helmet, pads, blocker, trapper & stick) will be provided on-site for those teams interested.
  • Teams may have one bye-week over the course of the season to accommodate demand for spaces

This is a Floor Hockey league; No 10pm games
23 Jan 2019 - 13 Mar 2019; 8 Games (including playoffs);
Rotating game times of 6:00pm, 7:00pm, 8:00pm, 9:00pm
5 v 5 including Goalies; Refereed; Goalie equipment is provided for those teams who need it.
Co-Ed (minimum of 3 males and 1 female on court)
Ottawa Montessori School;
$550 + TAX;
$85 + TAX;
Sold Out

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